Dhokra Ring With Balls Earring

Dokra Ring With Balls Earring

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This exquisite dokra handcrafted earring is created by the artisans in Odisha. This earring is hand made with brass dokra beads.  Add charm to your outfit by accessorizing with this gorgeous piece of jewellery. 

Material- It is made up of non–ferrous metal like brass, copper and zinc using the lost-wax casting technique.

Size-L-8 X Dia-7 cm

Care & Clean :- All you should do is dust your jewellery regularly with a dry soft cloth. You can even use soft bristled brush which makes it easy to clean the fine crevices. This retains the antique look with a touch of sparkle. In this case, carefully remove all the dust accumulated on the Dokra jewellery.

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